NGL Stabilization

HBS NGL StorageKinder Morgan Treating has experience in the stabilization of NGL’s. Occasionally, NGL product produced from a natural gas stream is too volatile for truck or rail transport. In such cases, sending these products to an NGL storage tank will result in significant flash gas, ultimately reducing the volume of NGL product that is delivered to sales.

Some key features of Kinder Morgan's NGL stabilizers include:

  • 800 – 100,000 gallon per day capacity
  • Multiple column sizes available
  • Electric, TEG, or Heat Mediums available
  • Skid mounted for easy installation

In order to reduce the volatility, NGL’s may be passed through an NGL stabilizer that effectively controls the flash of the product. This allows the volatile light ends to make their way up the stabilizer to vent, recompress into the sales line or recompress into the front of the mechanical refrigeration unite (MRU). Meanwhile, heavy hydrocarbons in the stable product are sent to the NGL storage tank. NGL stabilizers can also be used for ethane rejection and to manage the amount of CO2 in a liquid product to ensure that the buyer’s specifications are met.

Kinder Morgan Treating operates equipment yards in Victoria, Odessa, and Tyler, Texas. For more information on Kinder Morgan Treating, please send us an inquiry form or contact us.

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