Condensate Stabilization

Condensate StabilizerKinder Morgan Treating designs and manufactures condensate stabilizers that reduce the vapor pressure of our customer’s oil or condensate. Our condensate stabilizers can ensure that your production meets pipeline or other transportation specifications for:

  • 500 – 2,500 barrel per day capacity
  • Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP)
  • True Vapor Pressure (TVP)
  • Composition (e.g. butanes and lighter)
  • API Gravity
  • Electric, TEG, or Hot Oil Mediums available

Our team simulates the specific process in order to combine the right-sized column and boiler for our customer’s application, potentially saving on installation cost and fuel. Our stabilizers are designed to capture NGL gas liquids in the stream when present.

Kinder Morgan Treating operates equipment yards in Victoria, Odessa, and Tyler, Texas. For more information on Kinder Morgan Treating, please send us an inquiry form or contact us.

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