TEG Dehydration

KMT offers skidded TEG dehys from 75MTBU to 4MMBTU. All of our units operate on instrument air and 24VDC or solar panels for the Profire Burner Management System. For gas streams with excess H2S and CO2, KMT/SouthTex offers an amine regeneration skid with available gas train and TEG (glycol) dehydration units for excess water removal.

Water vapor must be removed from natural gas to prevent pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage to downstream equipment. The most common method for this procedure involves use of triethylene Glycol (TEG) in a continuous process in which the water vapor is absorbed from the gas under conditions of high pressure and moderate temperature. Regenerator conditions of low pressure and high temperature cause the water to be released from the TEG and the cooled TEG is returned to the TEG absorber for removal of additional water vapor.

KMT/SouthTex typically provides a TEG regenerator unit with gas train in conjunction with amine treatment facilities, but is pleased to offer leased glycol dehydrators as a standalone product.

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