Other Equipment

NGL StorageKinder Morgan can provide additional equipment to support your treating or processing needs, such as separators and coolers. Separators help protect downstream equipment from liquids/solids; they help reduce chemical costs of amine and glycol plants; they promote runtime by limiting contamination between processes. Coolers promote the design operating conditions of amine and glycol plants, the chemical and physical processes of which are temperature-dependent. Glycol dehydration is usually required downstream of an amine plant. The amine is in a water solution; the chemical reaction is exothermic (releases heat). These typically result in gas leaving an amine plant that is fully water saturated. Kinder Morgan Treating has in inventory dehydrators, separators, coolers, and other equipment, to better provide a complete treating solution.

Kinder Morgan Treating operates equipment yards in Victoria, Odessa, and Tyler, Texas. For more information on Kinder Morgan Treating, please send us an inquiry form or contact us.

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