Mechanical Refrigeration Units

Mechanical Refrigeration UnitMechanical Refrigeration Units (MRUs) are used to cool natural gas in an effort to reduce the hydrocarbon dew point of the gas to meet pipeline quality specifications, or maximize the natural gas liquid (NGL) recovery of a natural gas stream to improve the overall monetary return of a natural gas stream.

Kinder Morgan’s MRUs utilize gas to gas exchangers and Freon to gas exchangers, in order to reach cold separator temperatures ranging from 0ºF to -50ºF.

Some advantages of using MRUs include:

  • Single and dual unit capability from 100mcfd – 30mmcfd
  • Low DP across the equipment
  • Capable of providing process temperatures down to -50ºF (with optional JT assist)
  • High reliability and low maintenance requirements
  • Very little or low emissions
  • 1440# MAOP to satisfy high pressure applications

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