JT Plants

JT PlantsWith Kinder Morgan Treating, you have access to the most extensive lease and purchase equipment fleet in the industry – which includes JT (Joule-Thompson) plants ranging in size from 1 MMscfd to 30 MMscfd. All JT plants are mounted on a single skid and require no electricity or fuel, allowing for fast and inexpensive installation and startup.

Our JT plants include:

  • Adjustable JT valve that can provide the right differential pressure (DP) for your application
  • Heat exchanger to optimize gas temperatures and liquid yield
  • Cold separator to efficiently capture produced natural gas liquids (NGLs)
  • Skid mounted instruments and controls, operating on process gas or instrument air
  • 1440# MAOP to satisfy high pressure applications

Kinder Morgan Treating operates equipment yards in Victoria, Odessa, and Tyler, Texas. For more information on Kinder Morgan Treating, please send us an inquiry form or contact us.

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