AmineWith approximately 200 amine plants ranging in size from 5 GPM to 400 GPM, Kinder Morgan Treating owns the most extensive amine plant lease fleet in the industry. Modular in design, our plants include skids for gas trains and regeneration equipment to reduce installation cost and time, while limiting the impact on the site. Our typical amine plants incorporate:

  • Robust gas trains with inlet filter separator and outlet scrubber before and after the amine contactor that help maintain the integrity of the amine, thereby reducing operational expense and enhancing runtime
  • Redundant pumps and full flow bypasses on charcoal beds and sock filters that allow the plant to continue to operate during preventative maintenance
  • Flash tanks with adequate residence time to promote flash regeneration of amine, reduce the load on the reboiler and still column, and improve fuel efficiency
  • Allen Bradley PLC’s with touch screens for ease of operation and integration to SCADA systems
  • Larger plants use more expensive multi-stage centrifugal solution pumps that improve run time and reliability

Kinder Morgan Treating operates equipment yards in Victoria, Odessa, and Tyler, Texas. For more information on Kinder Morgan Treating, please send us an inquiry form or contact us.

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